Fender Twin Red Knob (The Twin)

According to an article on gibson. In this video, he can be seen playing the intro to “Red House” on this guitar. The Flying V has a black finish and gold hardware, and diamond inlays instead of the usual dots. Original source article here. It was one of the guitars that he had the longest, it stayed with him several years. He called the guitar “Betty Jean” after his girlfriend, and left the guitar with her mother when he went off to the Army in

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It’s a Leslie speaker cabinet — an effects cabinet, really — made by Fender from It adds a phasing or chorusing effect to your amplifier’s output. This is a very desirable piece today because of its practicality and tone.

 · Goldentone The Volks-amp of the 60’s. Rose Music Pty. Ltd., 8 – 14 Ross St., South Melbourne. and Dating your Goldie Dateline: 11/11/ This graph of serial numbers against the date on the HT choke should allow the appoximate dating of undated amps from the serial

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Dating Marshall cabinet help please!

It is powerful enough, even for rehearsals with a band. Onstage, I think miking through the PA is indispensable. The first ones is clean, nice, but not comprehensive enough volume, bass and treble , as for the second channel, it’s a “Boost” with more possibilities Gain, volume, treble, middle, bass. Plus a Master section to adjust the overall volume and the reverb for the two channels. An all-plastic pedal to toggle between the clean and the distorted sound overdrive, at least , and it also allows you to activate the reverb.

However, the sound is very good, the clean channel has a good dynamic response and the second channel has a nice overdrive.

If these shorts don’t work, the amp may not work right (in the case of a JCM Marshall, if the short isn’t working on your low gain input, your high gain input won’t work!), or cause it .

Effects loops are often added to a tube amp. Almost as often they are either unused or misunderstood. What is an effects loop? The loop will, at a minimum, have a send jack and a return jack located typically on the back panel of your amp. Why have an effects loop in an amp? Why not plug effects into the input like most guitarists?

Grey Franklin amp; Marshall amp; SALIDA Franklin ZrUZ0

What do chorus teachers do? Chorus teachers more often referred to as directors direct the voices of the choir so they can reach their full potential in singing. They usually have some, if not full piano skills, so they can do a series of vocal warm-ups for the choir, usually going up and down the scale Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So…l, La, Ti, Do and various deep breathing exercises.

Yes, I just got one. Loud and clean, very versitile, with 3 onboard effects. It would be a great practice amp if you can handle the weight, and it’s clean sound makes it a nice recording amp as well

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New Zealand I’ve owned one of these since July this year. I have played through a silverface Fender Twin Reverb for the last 22 years, but the weight of the thing was becoming an issue for me. After it gave me a hernia in June, I started looking into what smaller wattage amp I could buy. Balancing size, tone, and price, I still needed to find an amp that suited my playing style. I like to play clean hence the Twin , but wanted some of the chime and crunch I used to get from a Vox AC30 a few years back.

I also wanted to pretty much dispense with pedals, apart from a little slapback delay for rockabilly. After some research I figured out I still needed enough volume for stage work, but could get by on watts. Time and again, I read on the Net that Fender was the way to go. But the local guys I spoke to who had actually played the amps side by side in the store and then bought one had all settled for the Peavey Classic At first I resisted this, but when I found out about the Delta Blues with a 15″ speaker, I figured I could get something with a different twist.

I picked up one second hand that had already had the tubes replaced, and had tube retainers fitted two common mods.

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If anyone knows where I can link to a current version please let me know. Enjoy Dating Your Mesa Boogie Amp The fine people at Mesa Engineering can help you date your amp if you give them your serial number from back panel of amp , provided they have the right records. The Mark I had two channels:

In that case, set your sights on the GH Guitar Amp Head and the GA 4×12 Stereo Guitar Speaker Cabinet. Together, these make an impressive team that’s ready to take on the larger venues in your

Guitar Player December Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; It’s New. VG condition, mailing label on back. VG condition, mail label back cover.. A Pro replies; Rusty Young: Steel symposium; Chuck Rainey: More sonic shapes; Bob Baxter: Constructing chords; Jerry Hahn: Rhythm changes; Jimmy Stewart: Transcribing from LP’s; Happy Traum: Steel symposium; Jerry Hahn: Progressive blues; Bob Baxter: Head, Gears, Strings; Howard Roberts:

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As you are most likely aware, Soldano amps are known as the best sounding, best built, and most versatile all-tube amplifiers that money can buy. Innovative design, clean, timeless styling, and my relentless and uncompromising quest for the ultimate tone have earned our amplifiers this reputation. In , the Soldano w Super Lead Overdrive redefined and set a new mark for high gain tube amplification.

The 21st century has always held great promise. Although, unfortunately, many of these things have not yet come to pass, there is no denying that technology has advanced exponentially in the last fifty or sixty years.

Permalink. Hi Folks at I have two Johnson amplifiers Millenium Series /S-Disc 2 Processing Watt Max Both In Great Condition and both have the large Effects Boards with the 2 foot pedals with each amplifier!

Troubleshooting your tube amp Some tips on fixing problems with old tube guitar amps. If you have a tube amp and you haven’t tried changing all the tubes, then do that first. Even problems that you wouldn’t associate with tubes could be the tubes. If changing all the tubes fixed the problem, then go back and try to figure out which tube it was and replace that one. If it was a power tube usually the bigger ones, and there are usually an even number of them , then you probably have to have the amp biased.

It’s always best to change all the power tubes at once, not replace one at a time. When gigging with a tube amp, always bring at the very least one of every tube in the amp and some proper sized fuses for the amp. It’s even better to just bring a backup amp. We that use tube amps must take the bad with the good. We pay a higher price for the amps and maintenance, and to a lesser extent pay for expected breakdowns all for the payoff of awesome tone jeez do I sound like a Finance major yet?

You have to take the bad with the good and assume that your amp is going to break sometime. But the logic in some of these tips can be used on other amps as well.

Guitar Amp Setup for Marshall Tube Amp